ChoraChori Nepal

Chora Chori Nepal (CCN) was founded to improve the lives of the most vulnerable Nepali children. From the very beginning, we have provided rescue, repatriation, re-integration, counselling to all the children who have arrived at CCN refuge home along with education or any skill trainings they are interested in. CCN has been working directly in communities since the outbreak of Covid-19 and strongly advocates for home based care that has wider socio-economic impact. Children who are re-united in their society has continued to receive financial, psychological and legal support in their communities on a case-by-case basis. Other than community support, CCN has been actively involved in educational scholarship (bursary) in various schools to the financially poor children.

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Our Activities

Rescue and Repatriation

We rescue Nepalese children from various sexual abuse cases, trafficking, and exploitation, in Nepal and India. Children who had been displaced from Nepal against their will or run away cases from Nepal to the open border of Nepal-India are traced and repatriated back to their families where possible. In all other cases, we provide them with care and support in our rehabilitation center.

Education Support

Formal and Informal education are the uttermost need of every children. The schools that has higher number of marginalized communitiy children, Schools provides us with lists of those most needed students who longs for education but poverty has prevented from it. After choosing students who are unable to pay the minimum fees and expenses; CCN is providing them with bursary program, stationeries and uniforms for those marginalized children.

Community support and Empowerment

We operate a vocational skills training centre for child abuse survivors, and also young girls who are living in poor vulnerable communities of Nepal. We are currently running in house tailoring and silver jewellery making workshops. Besides this, we also sponsor external vocational skills classes such as welding, cooking, plumbing for the rescued children as per their interests.

Re-integration and Follow-up

We have provided capital and revenue funding support to under resourced government schools in Nepal in coordination with international donors. We help with capacity building of students and teachers, along with a planned bursary scheme program in near future.

Our Work To Date


Since August 2015, we have rescued 252 displaced Nepalese children from various parts of India where 179 children were temporarily rehabilitated at CCN home; whereas we facilitated 73 Nepalese children for repatriation in coordination with the National Child Rights Council and Helpline 104.


We have rebuilt damaged infrastructure of three primary schools after the earthquake which is school to 115 students. Similarly, we have funded the science lab, a new computer suite and retrofitting of damaged building of Kitini Secondary School in Godavari which is attended by 1700 students. Alongside, we have funded higher secondary schooling of 16 girls from Tipling village of Dhading.


Among a total of 277 children rehabilitated at CCN refuge home of both India rescues and victims of sexual abuse cases; 222 children were directly re-integrated into their families via CCN whereas other 49 children were sent to other child homes or re-integrated by National Child Rights Council or Helpline 104.


We have provided vocational skills training of tailoring of both basic and advanced courses along with training of making brass and silver jewelry to a total of 128 girls participating from different areas of Lalitpur.


Girls from various abusive cases were referred and rescued from different districts of Nepal. In which, we rehabilitated 17 girls, providing them with basic needs, trauma counseling, and legal support. Whereas, 10 girls received legal aid and psychological counseling.


We provided emergency food relief to 92 families following the floods of August 2017 in Nepal. We contributed materials for rebuilding 12 families in southern Nepal in the same year. In the COVID pandemic, we distributed food relief to 164 families of Godawari municipality and 98 families at Mahespur, Jhapa; and also helped to purchase 100 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for food relief distributors, health workers, and other frontline workers to Mithila wildlife trust, Janakpur.

Our Latest Blogs

1, May 2024

By Chora Chori Nepal

Finding Hope Amidst Challenges

CCN, Nepal Police, and NCCR 104 rescued a 2.5 year old girl from being trafficked across Nepal-India border.

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27, Mar 2024

By Nepali Times, 2016

"Reflecting on Child Rescue journey"

In 2016, Nepali Times highlighted our challenges in child rescue missions and the beauty of successful reintegration.

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20, Oct 2021

By Bhaskar Karki


This is to clarify that since September 2020 we no longer work or have any kind of ties and project partnerships with ChoraChori UK (which now operates in the name of Pipal Tree).

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Recent Project News

Rescue of 2 Nepalese boys from Kasturbha Niketan, India

There were total of 16 Nepalese children in these children homes who had been lost in India, and then found by the children agency of India. However, after much effort to fulfill all the documentation, our rescue team was able to retreive only 2 children from Kasturbha Niketan home on 4th October, 2019. The two rescued boys had been waiting since a long time to come back home.

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Legal Support for Jeny

Jeny had lost both of her parents few years ago, and due to very poor conditions of family, she came to Janakpur from her home town Lahan around 2 years ago. As she arrived Janakpur at midnight, she met a random stranger who called her a “sister” and promised to help her. But the man took her into hostage, and made her to perform in dance bars since then. She was repeatedly raped by this man, along with her other friends.

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"Understanding Trauma" Workshop By Unity in Health

Chora Chori Nepal, in collaboration with Unity in Health's Tereza Nogueira organized a workshop on understanding trauma for all the staff members of Chora Chori Nepal.  The workshop was organized on 21st October, 2019 at the Children refuge and rehabilitation centre of Chora Chori Nepal. The workshop focused on giving knowledge of trauma, providing reflective exercises and teaching grounding skills to all the staff members of CCN.

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Retrofitted Building of Kitini Finally Inaugurated

Chora Chori Nepal received an official visit from the Gandys Foundation and the Bartons on 20th October, 2019. The visit was the opportunity for the major donor organizations to meet and interact with the CCN team. Besides this, the visit was followed by an inauguration ceremony of the newly retrofitted building of Kitini Secondary School by the founders of the Gandys Foundation. The building of Kitini School was retrofitted with the contribution from the Gandys, different UK Foundation including the Bartons, the school and the local government.

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