Legal Support for Jeny

2019-12-03 07:34:27

Chora Chori team found Jeny in a police station during a follow-up visit to Janakpur for another case. She was enrolled in the refuge in September, 2019. Jeny had lost both of her parents few years ago, and due to very poor conditions of family, she came to Janakpur from her home town Lahan around 2 years ago. As she arrived Janakpur at midnight, she met a random stranger who called her a “sister” and promised to help her. But the man took her into hostage, and made her to perform in dance bars since then. She was repeatedly raped by this man, along with her other friends. During this course of time, she was also trafficked into Rakshaul, India to dance in bars for 6 months. She was repeatedly raped and abused by the owners of this dance bar as well. Then, the main perpetuator again took her back, and continued the same cruelsome activity. She was continuously threatened to be killed if she didn’t obey him. However, one day she was able to escape and report to the police.

Jeny has been through another most merciless incident Chora Chori has come across, and the first priority is her trauma management. A very important part of trauma management is to provide with justice. Hence, the legal team of Chora Chori has been regularly following up with the case, where recently she was taken to provide testimony against the culprit.  Thereafter, our legal officers again attended the next hearing on 16th of January, 2019 in Janakpur. The case is ongoing with the final decision awaited. She came back with a better mood according to the refuge staff.

Jeny has been now taken into individual counsellings and group counselling sessions, where our clinical psychologist writes, “ She completely stayed silent. But slowly after counseling, she started opening up and sharing about her family.” She shows an enthusiastic spirit to learn and study, so she is being given the non-formal education. She also recently started the jewellery making training which she has been quite positive about.