Defying the Odds- Story of Luna

13, Aug 2020

By ChoraChori Nepal

Luna is one of our most talented brewing artisans from the silver jewellery workshop at Chora Chori. She loves to make new designs and keeps herself actively engaged in the workshop. She will give you a bright big smile if you’re visiting the workshop, but quickly get back to her work again. During one of such visits, I call her for a picture together but she replies me , “Ohh!! But I have so much work to finish. ” Seeing her great energy, I let her continue.

Luna (17 years old) comes from a very impoverished family living in Janakpur, Nepal. She used to work as a domestic worker to support her family. She lived together with her family, including extended members a two-room rented house. The house was in really poor condition, flooding the rooms every Monsoon. While poverty was already testing this family’s patience, something worse hit them. One day, when Luna was returning back from her work, she was kidnapped and raped by 7 men ( 5 of whom Luna knew) for the entire night before dumping her near to her house the next morning. They threatened to kill her if she opened her mouth. But Luna, as strong as she still is, went ahead to tell her family and reported to the police. Out of the 7, 3 have been arrested while 2 have absconded and 2 remain unidentitified. While the legal case is ongoing, Luna and her family have received several death threats and abuse from the local residents.

Hence, to protect her from any possible danger and provide her with education, trauma management and empowerment, Chora Chori brought her in June of 2018. Since then, she has received non-formal education, tailoring course, regular psychosocial counselling and training for the jewellery workshop. She is currently engaged in the jewellery making where she receives monthly stipend of Rs.5000 as well. She tells her happily that she has been able to do some savings, and buy gifts for her family back home. Today, Luna is a confident and strong individual, and has been like an elder sister for all our other kids. On the other hand, her designs have been loved by many visitors in the jewellery workshop. She has come a long way; from a ruthless incident to being an exemplary woman who shows she can always come back stronger.