Rescue and Legal Support

Rescue and Legal Support

The second area of rescue is for Nepalese children who have been through rape and sexual abuse. As soon as we receive any police referrals and reports from our network regarding rape cases, we immediately start our process to rescue children from such situations. While our legal team promptly begins to help in fighting against the abuser for justice,the children are brought to our shelter home where they receive the required trauma management and counseling, health services, education ( both formal and informal), vocational skills training and family support.

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Legal Support for Jeny

Jeny had lost both of her parents few years ago, and due to very poor conditions of family, she came to Janakpur from her home town Lahan around 2 years ago. As she arrived Janakpur at midnight, she met a random stranger who called her a “sister” and promised to help her. But the man took her into hostage, and made her to perform in dance bars since then. She was repeatedly raped by this man, along with her other friends.

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