Education Support

Education Support

We have provided capital and revenue funding support to under resourced government schools in Nepal in coordination with international donors. One of our major projects accomplished in 2019 was retrofitting of damaged building of Kitini School, Godavari in partnership with Gandys and other UK foundations. We also help students with different capacity building activities in these schools such as art workshops. Our next major plan under our "education" theme is to launch a bursary scheme for needy students to pursue school as well as higher education.

Recent Projects News

Retrofitted Building of Kitini Finally Inaugurated

Chora Chori Nepal received an official visit from the Gandys Foundation and the Bartons on 20th October, 2019. The visit was the opportunity for the major donor organizations to meet and interact with the CCN team. Besides this, the visit was followed by an inauguration ceremony of the newly retrofitted building of Kitini Secondary School by the founders of the Gandys Foundation. The building of Kitini School was retrofitted with the contribution from the Gandys, different UK Foundation including the Bartons, the school and the local government.

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