Rescue and Repatriation

Rescue and Repatriation

We are active to rescue Nepalese children from various abusive situations. The first area of rescue is within the trafficking and exploitation happening with Nepalese children in Nepal and India. We have been majorly engaged to rescue displaced Nepalese children from India in coordination with Indian NGOs. As soon as we receive report and information of lost Nepalese children taken under responsibility by Indian NGOs, we start family tracing process to gather information about their family. This information helps us to prepare all the required documentation to send request to the officials and Indian NGOs for repatriation of the Nepalese children. As soon as the official permission is granted by the concerned authorities, our rescue team goes and receive the children to repatriate them back to Nepal. We are also indirectly facilitating rescue and repatriation of lost children found throguh Helpline 104- National Centre for Children at Risk ( NCCR) in Nepal. While most of the rescued children are reunified back with families, we also access cases in order to provide with the necessary rehabilitation, education and vocational skills training. We run a boys shelter and a girls shelter respectively to provide care and nourishment to these children until they are reunified back with the families.

Recent Projects News

Rescue of 2 Nepalese boys from Kasturbha Niketan, India

There were total of 16 Nepalese children in these children homes who had been lost in India, and then found by the children agency of India. However, after much effort to fulfill all the documentation, our rescue team was able to retreive only 2 children from Kasturbha Niketan home on 4th October, 2019. The two rescued boys had been waiting since a long time to come back home.

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