Child Trauma Management

Child Trauma Management

We operate a child trauma management centre within our shelter in Kathmandu to provide rehabilitation service to the children. The rescued children are provided with psychosocial support, health services and education. We have a dedicated team of psychologists who provide theraupetic service to the children to help them in healing from the trauma of abuse. Depending on the cases, the children are provided with formal educatioon, in house non-formal education and vocational skills training. The ultimate goal is to strengthen them to become independent individuals, and reintegrate them back into their families and communities.

Recent Projects News

"Understanding Trauma" Workshop By Unity in Health

Chora Chori Nepal, in collaboration with Unity in Health's Tereza Nogueira organized a workshop on understanding trauma for all the staff members of Chora Chori Nepal.  The workshop was organized on 21st October, 2019 at the Children refuge and rehabilitation centre of Chora Chori Nepal. The workshop focused on giving knowledge of trauma, providing reflective exercises and teaching grounding skills to all the staff members of CCN.

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