Rescue of 2 Nepalese boys from Kasturbha Niketan, India

2019-12-03 07:36:13

“He who saves one life saves the world”. ChoraChori Nepal is adherent to launch a mission to rescue even one child. Following the sam emotto, our rescue team visited four different children homes in Delhi, India after getting reports of displaced Nepalese children living there. There were total of 16 Nepalese children in these children homes who had been lost in India, and then found by the children agency of India. However, after much effort to fulfill all the documentation, our rescue team was able to retreive only 2 children from Kasturbha Niketan home on 4th October, 2019. The two rescued boys had been waiting since a long time to come back home. Both the boys were repatriated, and went back with their families. After sometime, one of the boys came back to ChoraChori Nepal to pursue vocational skills training in cooking from a reputed institute of Kathmandu.